Vitamin B12 – Who needs it?

I get asked a lot about vitamin B12. Is vitamin b12 deficiency common? Who needs b12 supplements? Which form b12 vitamin supplement is the best choice? Here are the answers.

How To Lower Estrogen in Men

How to lower estrogen in men? That is the question that keeps emerging from time to time. Obesity and exposure to endocrine disruptors (among with other things) have messed men’s hormone levels and now they are seeking solutions. Is there natural ways to lower estrogen in men? In this article you will learn main causes

How to Increase Sex Drive in Women

How to increase sex drive in women? There have been a lot of interest for nutritional supplements that have human evidence for increasing sex drive in women. But are there any? We’ll find out now.

Viagra vs. Natural Supplements For Erection Enhancement

Viagra vs. Natural Supplements? Many people have been asking me about Viagra for erection enhancement. So I decided to get a recipe for Viagra just to test how it performs against natural erection enhancers, and to see does Viagra really work at enhancing your sex.

Natural Nootropics for Enhancing Brain Health, Memory and Learning

Recently I’ve got more and more questions about natural nootropics and smart drugs. Well, it’s not a really surprise that people want to raise their performance, because there are ~7.3 billion people struggling for the world’s diminishing resources. Using nootropics is becoming more common and we see more people taking them to benefit their work

Maca Root Experiment – More Erections and Less Anxiety

“Do you have any experience with maca root (Lepidium meyenii) it’s promoted as erection booster and aphrodisiac.” Yes, I have tested alot maca root powders and supplements. In this article, I share my experiences with a maca root. What exactly happened when I took maca root 30 days straight. What is Maca root? Maca (Lepidium

Beetroot Juice Benefits (2017 updated)

Beetroot juice benefits have been a hot topic for professional athletes for a long time. Lately, even regular people have started to use beetroot juice to enhance their fitness and bedroom performance. Which is probably why I get a lot of questions regarding beetroot juice benefits. Here are the most common questions and answers that

Juicing Recipe For Beautiful Skin

Is there a juicing recipe for beautiful skin? Yes, at least you might become more attractive by drinking this juice. Most people don’t know that these beauty ingredients are available basically in every grocery store.

How to Lower SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin)

Lately, there have been questions about how to lower SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). Is it even possible to lower SHBG levels with naturally or with supplements? In this article, I try to go through this issue. What is SHBG (Sex hormone binding globulin) and why it matters? Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) is a

Herbs and Supplements to Reduce Prolactin & Refractory Period?

“I want to lower my refractory period and get back to action faster. Is there any herbs or supplements that reduce prolactin naturally? Or any other tips to achieve multi orgasmic state? Thanks!” How to reduce your prolactin naturally Firstly I suggest consulting a doctor if you suspect that you have high prolactin or got