Natural Testosterone Boosters List

As so many people ask me about natural testosterone boosters, I’ve decided to make a list about the most effective supplements that raise testosterone levels and boost your erection. Please note this list is not completely finished yet. I intend to update this list when new studies and personal experiences emerge.

Firstly I recommend everyone to be suspicious of all the magic pill supplements, etc. “broscience” stories to increase testosterone (such as deer antler velvet). I suggest investing more to a good diet and high-quality sleep than trying to find some “magic pills”. Even though it helps, you must remember that eating a supplemental Zinc capsule does not magically make you the next testosterone king, especially if you fail to follow the basics of healthy testosterone production in males.

Supplements for optimal testosterone production

Here I will list natural testosterone boosters and science behind them. If you have suggestions for the list, please add a comment with the name of active substance. For example; “is Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) good testosterone booster?”

Natural testosterone boosters and sex drive supplements list


Ashwagandha is very well-known and widely used herb, which is believed to improve your mental and physical performance and strengthen immunity. However few people know that it’s also very effective in raising your testosterone levels. It’s effects on fertility, libido and testosterone levels has been shown in several human studies.

Recently ashwagandha’s testosterone raising efficiency has been demonstrated in healthy young people, while most other studies focus on infertile men. The new study made in 2015 showed that 300mg Ashwagandha extract (KSM-66) twice a day, raised serum testosterone about 15% compared to the placebo group, where increase was only 2%. Also muscle strength increased in Ashwagandha group (see study).

Study made with infertile men: 5 grams of Ashwagandha on a daily basis for three months increased sperm count and sperm mobility. Also testosterone and luteinizing hormone increased (stimulates the testicular Leydig cell androgen production). Prolactin and FHS (follicle stimulating hormone) also fell considerably. – See study.

Another similar study: (three group study) infertile men consumed 5 grams of Ashwagandha daily for 3 months. After 3 months mens testosterone levels increased as follows: tobacco group 10%, 13% non smokers. But the biggest increase of 22% occurred in infertile men, who experienced stress. As stated in the investigation LH (luteinizing hormone) levels rose in all groups, and prolactin and FSH decreased. – See study.

The new 90 days double-blind human study found in ashwagandha group testosterone levels rose as average of 17% and the LH level increased by a whopping 34%. Sperm count increased to 167%, sperm motility increased by 57% and the amount of semen increased 53% – See study

Similar results were also obtained in this human study. If you need more evidence, testosterone increase has been also observed in rats. (source)

Ashwagandha has been proven to effectively decrease cortisol, therefore it is a good herb for those suffering from a stress. As you probably know, stress is not good for erection and testosterone levels, as mentioned in How To Get More Testosterone Naturally article.

Products that I am using:
Jarrow Formulas Ashwagandha KSM-66 – Best choice for most people. This Same KSM-66 extract was used in the upper study with healthy people (15% raise in testosterone). In study they took 300 mg capsule twice a day.

Eclectic Institute, Ashwagandha (60 ml) extract – Organic Ashwagandha alcohol extract.


shilajit testosterone
Fake Shilajit powder

In India Shilajit has a great reputation as a natural enhancement for an impotence and premature ejaculation. Shilajit is generally regarded as number one Ayurveda herb, and been used thousands of years in old Indian medicine. In Russia Shilajit is known as “mumijo”, but it’s also called as “The Destroyer of Weakness”.

Originating from the Himalayan hills and from the Caucasus and Altai mountains. Shilajit is mentioned by Aristotle and the father of modern medicine “Avicenna works as a remedy for a number of problems. Shilajit contains a huge amounts of fulvic acids, which as active transport agent supports absorption of a calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in muscle tissues and bones.

Shilajit needs more studies made with humans, but it has already some very positive clinical studies Study made with 60 infertile men: 90 days Shilajit as a food supplement – 100mg twice in a day with a meal. The results were quite impressive. Half of the men received a substantial increase in the number of sperm volume (61.4% more), spermia of semen with low sperm count improved (37.6% somewhat). But in the end the study was JACKPOT, when it was noticed that also men’s testosterone increased significantly (by 23.5% increase) .

My experience with shilajit: Erection is a very hard and durability is amazing.

Even after week break from a sex, I have to work really hard to get orgasm, and after using Shilajit couple of weeks I already start to missing that feeling of premature ejaculation… Maybe I’m going to stop using Shilajit for a while to see if my stamina changes.

Is this mythical premature ejaculation healing benefit, therefore, true ?! Apparently, my experience supports this. Definitely I would take Shilajit supplementation if there is a problem of coming too quick (premature ejaculation), and leaving your woman disappointed and wanting for more.

Although this can be said, will Shilajit work the same way in fertile men (23.5% testosterone boost to every man?) Anyway its still after all very impressive. If someone is struggling with infertility, Shilajit can be very interesting dietary supplement to try.

See video about shilajit Shilajit: Researchers Rediscover Longevity Herb

Beware fake shilajit products

With shilajit focusing on choosing quality product may be more important than with any other supplements. You want to steer away from a counterfeit products. 99% of Shilajit products the market are more or less fakes, containing no more than 1-30% of actual shilajit. For example: majority of shilajit powders are full scams, as most of them are refined soil material or similar with a little possible genuine shilajit added.

Changing genuine “Shilajit paste” or resin form to powder form is complex process and would be completely irrational, and would not make its price fall. Genuine Shilajit its kind a pricey (at least $300-500 per kilogram). So its quite strange that some of the powders cost less than the raw material itself?

In order to get value for your money, you should favor only the well-known manufacturers with shilajit. In my opinion Its not really worth to buy some expensive soil from random company and then expect massive erections.

I have tested a lot shilajit products, fakes, originals and everything in between. And know that you can get some benefits with fakes too, as they might contain a bit of real shilajit also.

Using shilajit safely
All shilajit users should know the following: Since shilajit is obtained directly from a stone and soil, it naturally has large amounts of heavy metals. Thus I suspect that it’s not a surprise to anyone, that shilajit supplements contain chemical elements. For example aluminium, which is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s soil.

However fewer people know that just one daily dose of genuine shilajit can fill up to 5% of 165 pound person’s allowed daily dosage of aluminium (EFSA Tolerable Weekly Intake).

Do not overdose shilajit under any circumstances. If you get too much aluminum from your diet (cooking with aluminum containers, eat too much cereal and soy) it may not be worth using shilajit at all.

If this is something which concerns you, choose synthetic Shilajit supplement. For example Jarrow Formula (mentioned below), even with daily use you get less of aluminum on an annual basis than you would get from drinking Finnish tap water (which is considered one of the cleanest tap water in the world).

Shilajit products worth to check out:

If you want the real 100% shilajit in resin form – there are now only 2 choices that I have personally tested and found that they are authentic:

Lotus Blooming Herbs shilajit and Pürblack Shilajit. (Yes they are expensive as they are real 100% shilajit in resin form.)

Dragon Herbs, High Mountain Shilajit – Capsules, not in resin form.

Jarrow Formulas, Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex, 60 Veggie Caps – Synthetically produced fulvic acid (active ingredient of shilajit) called PrimaVie. Its usually acclaimed to be even better than the genuine 100% Shilajit. In the above study were men’s testosterone levels rise 23.5% – product which was used contained ~54% fulvic acid. This product contain approximately 60% fulvic acid (according to manufacturer).

Can you boost T drinking tea?


Tulsi holy basil (Ocimum sanctum), also known as the “Queen of Herbs” is traditional used as libido enhancer, stress reducer and anti-fertility agent.

“Holy basil, or Ocimum sanctum, is a herb that originally comes from India. In animal studies done at Sharma University of Health Sciences it sends testosterone levels so high that researchers can’t measure them. And no, they weren’t using high-tech extracts, but ordinary fresh leaves of the plant.”Testosterone levels go off the scale with holy basil

This is pretty interesting information, but still not enough to proclaim tulsi as the world’s best testosterone booster, as there is not yet any research involving human subjects.

In other hand, tulsi has decreased sperm count and reproductive ability in rats. So if you are planning to make children’s in close future, you may not want to take excessive amounts of tulsi.

Products I’m using:
Organic India, Tulsi-Holy Basil, 90 Veggie Caps

Tulsi tea
Tulsi Holy Basil Tea, Honey Chamomile, Caffeine-Free
Tulsi Holy Basil Tea, Lemon Ginger, Caffeine Free
Tulsi Holy Basil Tea, Pomegranate Green, Contains Caffeine

Horny Goat Weed

Epimedium or “Epimedium brevicornum” is probably the most famous natural Viagra replacement. If you have looked for a solution to erectile problems, you might probably heard about Horny Goat Weed. Epimedium has ingredient called “icarin” which works as PDE-5 inhibitor (1) and using it should result in almost similar reaction as sildenafil (Viagra).

However icarin is not anywhere near as effective PDE-5 inhibitor as sildenafil, but also there is no side effects.

There is not yet good human studies about this subject, but animal studies show interesting results.

In rats Icarin showed increase to a testosterone levels (source). Several animal studies have showed icarin to be effective in lowering cortisol, and thus might help stressed or depressed individuals. (2, 3, 4).

My recommendations:
Tea is traditional and safest way to use Horny Goat Weed. For best result you should use at least 2 bags per cup to get more icarin.
I’m using this Horny Goat Weed tea.

Tea will not probably help with erectile dysfunction, but you can try icarin extracts which have a higher concentration of icarin. There is 3-60% icarin extracts available. But my experience is that 10-20% icarin extracts works for best. I do not recommend continuous use of icarin extracts, but is great for lifting sex desires and erection occasionally.

Horny goat weed capsules product I’m using:
Advanced Physician Formulas Horny Goat Weed Extract (20% icarin)

Not for pregnant or breast-feeding woman. Pharmaceutical users: consult your doctor before using Horny Goat Weed.


Maca is a traditional aphrodisiac, which was raised to mainstream consciousness by superfood marketers. Maca does not appear to affect testosterone levels, as many people claim at the Internet. However several human studies prove it to be effective to increasing sexual desire and libido in men and women.

Here is 12-week human study where maca increased sexual desire (1).In another 14-day study, maca increased self-reported sexual desire. (2). In one study, maca helped even SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction (3).

I recommend only gelatinized maca powder or extract. (See why from here)

Maca Velvet – Is one of my top recommendations for maca extract. Information about this product can be found from Deer Antler Velvet article.

Gelatinized maca powder: Navitas Naturals gelatinized maca. You don’t need to heat this, as the harmful starch has been already removed.

The libido effects generally begins about a week after you start to use maca.

Basic supplements for testosterone

Tongkat Ali

One of the above-mentioned Maca velvet products ingredient is Eurycoma longifolia, also known as Tongkat Ali. Which is an interesting tree that grows in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. In studies it has increased testosterone levels in men with hypogonadism (source).

For example, a 12-week human study Tongkat Ali group had significant more erections and increased libido, for extra bonus also weight loss was observed (source).

A small five-week study found that: Tongkat Ali Group saliva cortisol levels decreased by 16%, and salivary testosterone levels rise 37% compared to the placebo group (source). However this had major flaws… For example: Testosterone levels were measured from saliva, which is not as reliable as serum testosterone. They did not examine Tongkat Ali’s impact on body weight nor fat percentage. In fact the entire paper looks more like an advertisement, than real scientific research. So its not probably surprise that this research was funded by the company that produces this patented hot water Tongkat Ali extract.

2014 review summed Tongkat Ali as: “Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali; TA) is natural alternative to TRT and has been shown to restore serum testosterone levels, thus significantly improving sexual health.”(source).

Also, rat and mice studies have given similar results (1, 2, 3).

Im using these products: Advance Physician Formulas Tongkat-Ali / Advance Physician Formulas Tongkat-Ali 100:1 extract / Source Naturals Tongkat Ali 100:1 extract

Vitamin D

Studies show that vitamin D and testosterone levels go hand in hand. Vitamin D should be the first things that you should put in order, if your goal is ideal testosterone levels.

In Austria obese men were put on 83ug of vitamin D a day, which increased the men’s testosterone levels significantly compared to the placebo group(1).

“There’s an amazingly simple way for western men to raise their testosterone level. All they have to do is take a supplement containing extra vitamin D.”High vitamin D level = high testosterone level

Vitamin D Council website offers a good rule of thumb for vitamin D supplementation: take 1000 IU (25 mg) per 25 pounds of weight. That means if you weight 100 pounds, its worth taking 5000 IU (125mg) per day. The safe upper limit for adults is 10,000 IU / day, and it is not worth more than a long period of even if you weight more than 100 pounds. Vitamin D should always be taken with a high fat meal, so it is absorbed better.

However, the best way to get vitamin D is the sun. Try to sun bath at least 20 minutes during the midday, your skin will generate about 10-20 thousands units vitamin D in about 20 minutes. See: Natural Ways to Prevent Sunburn

I’m personally using this Healthy Origins Vitamin-D (In extra virgin olive oil). This product has good price of quality. Even if you it take throughout the year, every single day, it would cost less than 10 euros per year.

Doctor’s Best Vitamin D3 is also good option and even a bit cheaper.

Carlson Labs Solar D Gems 4000 is a smaller portion size with 4000 IU. Lemon-flavored capsule with fish oil.


Iodine deficiency is common. Many believe that iodine deficiency is a problem only developing countries, however studies have show that iodine deficiency is already widespread in Finland, France and the United Kingdom. Iodine is an essential ingredient in the body, and our body does not produce it.

“Iodine supplements. If you’re low in iodine, you and your erection could benefit from iodine supplements, says Neary. There is a simple test your doctor can order to help you find out if you are lacking iodine.”Article

Normal table salt is very poor source of iodine, even if its iodinated or not. Iodinated salt has almost as much or as little iodine than normal unpurified sea salt, which is not iodised. If you eat a Nutrition Advisory salt intake recommendation (6-7 grams / day) with iodized table salt you get around 154μg of iodine, which exceed a formal recommendation, but it does not really fix the already existing iodine deficiency.

What is then the ideal dosage of iodine per day?
Most certainly do not get even that iodine 150 μg a day (which is therefore the official recommendation), so to most, it is a good recommendation. But on the other hand is it the optimal dose to achieve the optimal health? Japan iodine in daily doses reportedly up to 1-13mg (1000 to 13,000 micrograms).

How much iodine you should take then?
– Linus Pauling institute: Official recommendation 150 μg from food. + For pregnant or breast-feeding women 150 μg from dietary supplement. (source)
– Life Extension: 150 µg,but for optimal health support 500-1000 μg is a good rule of thumb. (source)
– Food and Nutrition Board (FNB): Tolerable Upper Intake Levels for adults (19+) 1100 µg. (source)

That is, most of the good safe recommendation would seem to be 500-1000 micrograms day. If you know that you have iodine deficiency you may need more.

Iodine products I am using:
TPCS Iosol Formula II – I prefer pure iodine in liquid form, the best and most long-lasting investment. This product has been isolated from seaweed kelp. Does not necessarily endorse every day to take such doses, if you do not know that you have iodine deficiency.

Kelp seaweed products can also be a good option.
Organic kelp granules – 1/4 part of a teaspoon provides approximately 3000 ľg iodine
Kelp slices


Magnesium deficiency is harping on every media continuous basis, and perhaps you are tired of hearing about magnesium deficiency (and you think that you have corrected your deficiency). But the truth is that, you simply cannot get enough magnesium from food today, and as its one of the main minerals in human body, its deficiency might cause serious health problems – such as impaired testosterone levels, impaired sexual desire and of course, erection problems – literally all health problems can come from magnesium deficiency.

Fixing your magnesium deficiency with oral supplementation it takes average of 6-10 months. Dermal absorbable nutritional supplements such as magnesium oil, deficiency is corrected much faster (in about 3-4 month).

That it may be to hear a completely shocked. Perhaps you used magnesium supplements for a months and came to the conclusions that it does not derive any benefit from and you stop taking it? It’s a pretty common scenario with supplements. It can take years to develop a nutrient deficiency, so to correct it may also take months or even years. Supplements do not work like a magic.

Very surprising info about magnesium deficiency. Do you drink alcohol often? Bad news …

Magnesium supplements I am taking:

Magnesium glycinate – Best absorbed form of magnesium. Especially for those who wants to take magnesium before bed in order to improve quality of your sleep. Take before you go to bed. Product I been using: Magnesium Glycinate

Magnesium citrate – The most common form of magnesium, and its absorption is relatively good. Magnesium citrate is recommended to be taken with meals. The best choice for most people. Cheap and high quality product: Now Foods, Magnesium Citrate (100% powder). Or capsules.

Magnesium oil – You are going to need this when you try to increase magnesium deficiency to normal levels. Fixing magnesium deficiency with oral supplements take about 6-10 months. And with continuous use of a magnesium oil, levels could return to normal within 3 months. Best results are obtained by rubbing magnesium oil to skin and leave it on for at least 15min. I recommend Life Flo Magnesium oil.

Does these really work for erection problems?

It’s very likely that these supplements will benefit you.

However, supplements do not immediately as soon as you take a pill in your mouth. It takes months to develop a nutrition deficiency, and correcting it may take months. If you have severe magnesium deficiency, it takes about 6 to 10 months to take it back to normal levels with oral magnesium supplements.

Results always come with time. When you start the Vitamin K2 supplementation, you will not see any results immediately, but in a couple of weeks – a few months of regular use, and you be like a different person.

Change happens slowly, but surely. And when you have 100 days behind, you may not even understand that supplement was the reason for your better feelings, even though it was behind it – remember how the effect is slow.

This information should not be taken as a substitute for medical expertise. This article is purely my personal experiences and notes on the subject. Before making changes to your lifestyle, diet or supplementation you should consult your doctor or a qualified health care provider. Especially medicines users should speak to your doctor, because some supplements and foods can change absorption of certain drugs. Better to play safely.

If nothing seems to work, then it’s time to go to the doctor. Low testosterone levels, low libido and erection problems may be sign of some serious health problem (also check out long lasting erection guide).


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