Brazil Nuts – Selenium Deficiency Handled While Protecting The Rain Forest (+Raises Sex Drive!)

Can one nut raise your metabolism, increase testosterone levels and make you become a sex machine? In my experience, this just might be the king of nuts – the Brazil nut.

It is nice to know that while eating Brazil nuts you’re literally protecting the pristine Amazon Rainforest. Brazil nut trees will live up to 500-1000 years old and eating them is a noble act to support valuable Amazonian rainforest. Despite of the efforts, Brazil nut trees aren’t growing well in any other place than in the rainforest. To protect this deliciously untouched, unspoiled wonder – eat brazil nuts, it will help to prevent the modern world from spreading to this massive forest.

Brazil nuts have high amounts of healthy fat, protein, and minerals. Buttery color of this nut comes from the large amount of fat which is extremely healthy and beneficial to the people, especially dieters. This is one of the many wonderful reasons to enjoy this nut which according to clinical study drops bad LDL cholesterol levels and raises the good HDL cholesterol levels.

3 motivating reasons to eat brazil nuts daily

brazil nuts
Brazil nuts benefits

1. Selenium in brazil nuts might help to raise your sex hormone production. Brazil nuts are the best in the world when it comes to getting selenium from food. Selenium is one of the most important minerals and a strong antioxidant.

Your daily need of selenium is covered by just couple of brazil nuts per day. Selenium might raise testosterone levels on men’s and increase sperm quality, production and mobility.

Selenium rich brazil nuts might work as testosterone booster for those who have selenium deficiency, according to Tim Ferriss in the book 4 Hour Body. Higher testosterone levels lead to easier weight-loss whether you’re man or woman.

There was great information about benefits of brazil nuts in one of the most popular weight-loss/muscle building book called “4 Hour Body”. Author Tim Ferriss had selenium deficiency and he used brazil nuts to get his selenium levels back to normal and got testosterone boost which also showed in lab tests.

Tim Ferriss was surprised when doctor told him that he has a selenium deficiency. He was eating a lot selenium rich foods, like animal meat. But as it turned out, the current soil is depleted of important minerals, such as selenium.

Selenium also protects the body by binding to mercury, and today people have generally high levels of mercury, which contributes to the current selenium deficiency epidemic.

Currently, short-term fasting (Intermittent Fasting) is such a hit, almost so that everyone does fasting on a regular basis – which can be a problem, because it can contribute to the overall selenium deficiency. State of ketosis is known to cause selenium deficiency.

If you have a selenium deficiency, like most of us do, eat brazil nuts for a while and you might see the testosterone levels rise.

Because we’re talking about brazil nuts and sex, its noted that brazil nuts also have natural healthy cholesterol in them, and cholesterol is the precursor for steroid hormones and sex hormones such as testosterone.

For a man there is not many better pre-sleep foods than brazil nuts, and eggs of course (while sleeping your body uses cholesterol to produce testosterone) – eat both as evening snack for boost in testosterone, and perhaps you’ll start getting stronger morning woods.

2. Selenium has cancer prevention potential. Studies have shown that an adequate daily intake of selenium might prevent certain types of many cancers.

For example: eating Brazil nuts might protect men from prostate cancer.

For women it may be the best nut, since an adequate daily selenium intake might reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, according to this article: Selenium: What Forms Protect Against Cancer?

Brazil nuts also contain vitamin E, which helps selenium to operate optimally.

The previously mentioned Tim Ferriss says in his book, 4 Hour Body, that he was also tested for vitamin E deficiency, after which he began to eat 8 Brazil nuts a day and testosterone levels increased in the following measurement.

In clinical studies, eating brazil nuts have been shown to be a more effective way to increase the selenium levels than selenium supplements, according to this article.

3. Brazil nuts has L-arginine which acts as a natural viagra. Brazil nuts not only raises testosterone, these super nuts are also rich in amino-acid L-arginine. Arginine has been found to drive blood flow towards genitals.

Arginine rich foods such as brazil nuts are amazing for bodybuilders and everyone who wants to grow their muscles. Not to mention spicing up sex life…

“Arginine releases growth hormone. Arginine may boost immunity. Arginine is used as sex drive booster and it can enhance erections.”amino-acid L-arginine (Wiki)

In markets you’ll find a natural viagra from the nuts section!

Brazil nut a day makes your sheets move?

No matter what kind of romantic relationship you may have, if both parties would eat brazil nuts, then the “movement in the sheets” would very likely increase dramatically.

Especially its recommended for men to eat 1-3 brazil nuts few hours before the “act”. With brazil nuts the male can achieve following:

  • Substantially harder erection
  • Better endurance & stamina
  • Sperm ejaculation amounts will be more significant when you’re eating brazil nuts regularly

Selenium knowingly helps with the production of quality sperm and improves modern mans weakened sperm. If you’re about to make children, it is crucial time to start eating brazil nuts. Sperm contains up to 80% L-arginine, so you can expect bigger sperm ejaculations when you get more L-arginine.

Pure L-arginine powder supplement is also a great idea, I myself use it all the time and the nitric oxide boost is immensely useful in the bedroom (better erections). I use
Now Foods, Sports, L-Arginine Powder, 1 lb

Arginine is good for weight loss also? This rat study showed that dietary L-arginine supplementation decreased fat mass in genetically obese rats. So if you’re planning to lose weight, brazil nuts (or L-arginine supplement) might be a good food choice for you.

How many brazil nuts a day? Can you get too much selenium?

Experts recommend to eat brazil nuts maximum a handful per day. You must know, that you should not eat too many of these nuts. Even though selenium is one of the most important nutrients for human health, too much of it can make the opposite effect and be toxic.

Excess selenium can cause: Gastrointestinal distress, hair loss, white spots on nails, fatigue, and irritability – all these are signs of getting too much selenium. Source Too Much Selenium? Dr. Andrew Weil.

Tolerable upper limit of selenium for adults is 400 mcg per day. According to Tim Ferriss in 4 Hour Body book, one brazil nut offers approx. 49 mcg selenium, therefore about 8 brazil nuts a day closes in on the tolerable upper limit for selenium.

Tim Ferriss says, that always when he ate 8-10 brazil nuts a day, he always got the “worst acne of his life”. For this reason, he recommends max. 6 brazil nuts / day. Selenium deficiency causes skin problems such as acne, but too much selenium actually can have the same effect – keep this in mind.

If you intend to eat these nuts daily, then maximum 3 nuts per day is a good rule. On the other hand if you try to increase your selenium levels for therapeutic reasons, then it would be good to eat 6 brazil nuts for short time (few days to a week). I have followed this regimen when getting the symptoms of selenium deficiency: 2 in the morning – 2 in the afternoon – 2 right before bed. One brazil nut weights around 5 grams.

Brazil nuts are also rich source of magnesium (also includes testosterone mineral zinc), which makes it great for an evening snack. Magnesium knowingly helps us to fall asleep easier and is also in charge of over 300 bodily functions, and works as a preventive tool against heart disease (the highest amount of magnesium in the body is found in the heart) and battling premature aging.

Personally I eat 1-3 brazil nuts per day (sometimes I keep few day breaks), and I invite everyone to get a bag of these nuts. Prefer high quality raw, unsalted brazil nuts.

From the the price-quality perspective, the best source for brazil nuts are Now Foods Raw Brazil Nuts which are sold in Difference in price is huge (at least if you’re in Europe). I do not anymore buy brazil nuts with steal-prices from local markets.

Now Foods Brazil Nuts are surprisingly high quality, thus far I haven’t got anything else than high quality nuts from Now Foods brand. These brazil nuts always taste fresh and great – just like the authentic brazil nuts should taste like.

Convincing review of Now Foods Brazil Nuts from iHerb customer:
“I live in Brazil and I know exactly what to expect from a good Brazil nut (here: Castanha do Para). I bought 3 packs on different dates and all them were very good, comparable to local top quality and expensive ones. It’s common that 1 nut or another be a bit bitter, even when very freshly, just grab another! :)”

iHerb also has organic brazil nuts in their supply. Now Foods Brazil nuts have always been great for me, never rancid even though I order them to Europe.

Amazon also has these same brazil nuts, here’s a link for organic Now Foods and Now Foods regular brazil nuts. These are affiliate links and I appreciate it if you click them when you order via Amazon, that way I’ll benefit by getting small commission.

Brazil nuts should always be kept in air-tight bag, and in my opinion you must keep them in refrigerator for better shelf life and so that they won’t turn rancid.

now foods brazil nuts
My favorite brazil nuts

I usually recommend investing to supplements via iHerb, at least if you’re living outside U.S – for example if you’re living in Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Brazil or Europe then iHerb is the best place for supplements. has been chosen as a best online supplement store now for 6 years in a row by independent – even beating Amazon.

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Here is a package example I’ve made which includes great products from iHerb.

Package includes one year supply of strong vitamin D, quality fish oil, all natural coconut & papaya soap, delicious egyptian licorice mint tea, organic mint fresheners, and of course brazil nuts + one super cheap organic lip balm.

One year supply of high quality vitamin D for $12.99 might be a price shock for many – that’s why iHerb is so popular when it comes to supplements and natural products.

I recommend 1-3 brazil nuts to be a part of everyone daily diet. Get them from either iHerb or Amazon.

And just as a reminder, never eat too many brazil nuts. In pristine Amazonian rainforest the soil nutrients are still abundant and nuts grown in there has loads of selenium.


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