My Experiences With Chlorine Shower Filter

Why many people consider it as the most important thing you can do for your health? What are the benefits of chlorine shower filter?

Chlorine – Mandatory but harmful

Many people are aware of the hazards of chlorine and acquire a wide range of water filters such as Brita pitchers and other water filters, forgetting completely shower and its chlorine exposure, which is considered to be a lot more harmful than drinking water.

Why chlorine is more harmful in a shower? Here is the answer:

First, people use much more water during their shower time (up to 60 liters per day) than drinking. Second, chlorine evaporates at a much lower temperature than water, so its inevitably that you inhale chlorine fumes during a shower. Third, in a shower your chlorine exposure comes to a significantly larger area than drinking (skin is the largest human organ that absorbs nutrients and toxins). In addition a warm shower opens up your skin pores, providing an easier way to get chlorine in your body.

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Potential harms of chlorine exposure
Inhalation of chlorine is known to cause asthma (especially for children). About 235–300 million people globally have been diagnosed with asthma, in many countries it is most common chronic disease. A number of professional swimmers already knows dangers of chlorine. In addition drinking chlorine water is found to increase breast and bladder cancer.

See more studies: :1 2 3 4)

Chlorine causes skin disorders?

If your shower water has chlorine, it can weaken the skin’s natural bacteria, which causes dry skin and other problems.

Almost all skin disorders might be caused by allergic reaction to chlorine. If your skin is dry after shower, its probably that your water has chlorine.

Acne can be caused by many different reasons, but also chlorine in a shower can have a big impact on acne. There is a lot experiences on acne forums that after getting shower filter many people see improvements in their skin. (For example, this.)

Shower filter is obviously not a magic pill for acne treatment, but it’s worth to give a try. Consider getting a chlorine shower filter, especially if you taste or smell chlorine odor in your water.

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Chlorine reduction may bring unexpected benefits such as:

  • Healthier and younger-looking skin and softer hair.
  • Eases suffering from dry skin.
  • Hair color will last longer.
  • More energy during the day, chlorine exposure might cause fatigue.
  • Improved air quality throughout the house.
  • Skin becomes softer, healthier and younger look, without the drying effects of chlorine.
  • Removing chlorine from shower might reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin rashes.
  • Hair is able to maintain it’s natural oils, and it will look softer and healthier.
  • Save money: your skin is able to retain its natural moisture, you can reduce the use of your moisturizer creams.

For most people, it will be a shock – how much stronger, thicker and beautiful their hair looks when their own natural oils is not destroyed by chlorine. (No more brittle and breaking hair). In addition, you will save money when you dont need to use different types of shampoos and moisturizer creams. And also if you use hair colors, they will last longer which will also save you more money.

Personal experience with chlorine shower filter

First I thought that this chlorine and water filter stuff is a bullshit, but I was wrong… After two weeks of use: no more dry skin after a shower. The hair is looking a lot more resilient, more abundant. Skin looks noticeably younger, no more itching or dry skin, and I have noticeably more energy during a day.

What kind a chlorine shower filter?

I’ve been looking long time for the best shower filter for a reduction of free chlorine. I come across to: Rainshow’r CQ-1000-NH Dechlorinating Shower Filter (, which is certified to be working for reduction of free chlorine by NSF.

Before you invest in a shower filter, you should look for the NSF mark or the product will not necessarily do what it promises. NSF is the world’s best-known independent food and water related product tester.


  • Removes up to 90% of the chlorine in the shower
  • Filter lasts up to a year
  • Easy to install, you do not even need tools.
  • Dechlorination Certified by NSF / ANSI Standard 177, up to 95,000 liters
  • Replaceable filter cartridge.
  • Universal coupling: fits directly to almost all showers

On average, a person uses 60 liters of water during shower. This means that in a 4 person family, one chlorine filter will last up to a one year. If you are single, one filter could lasts potentially up to 2-3 years (Even thought manufacturer recommends to change filter every year). New filters are available in here (

My Experiences With Chlorine Shower Filter
Rainshow’r Dechlorinating Shower Filter

How its working?
It is always good to do research and acquire knowledge somewhere elsewhere than the seller’s web site.

This particular filter works with KDF-55 filter technology, that was invented in 1984. KDF-55 is a very popular technique for reducing chlorine, especially with shower filters. KDF-55 consisting of zinc powder (55%) and copper (45%), and as water flows throught it, its converting a free of chloride (Cl) to harmless form water-soluble chloride. This filter is based on the power of electro-chemical reaction (oxidation / reduction). (In contrast: activated carbon filter is based on adsorption.)

KDF-55 filters are better than a activated carbon filters, at least in a shower (of course it depends on what you want to filter). For example: with a KDF-55 filter service life, bacteria management and recycling possibilities are better than in activated carbon filters.

You can find more information about KDF-55 in this PDF (PDF) or this website.

This chlorine shower filter is not for everyone…
KDF-55 is a very useful filter for showers in cities and large urban areas where chlorine is used for a water purification. It works well on reduction of free chlorine, water-soluble heavy metals, as well in odor reduction.

But KDF-55 is not suitable for all purposes. For example: if you use your own well water, and you dont use chlorine for disinfection, then this filter is almost useless. This model does not filter everything. (For example: This filter does not work on removing chloramine, which is used for water purification in some cities.

While some use this to filter drinking water, it not recommend to use for it. As activated carbon filters are usually better option for drinking water filtration.

If you have copper hypersensitivity: KDF-55 filter can add a small amount of copper content in the water, so it is not recommended for copper filtration.

Installing this shower filter

Installing this shower filter is not really difficult. If you don’t know how to do it, ask for assistance from a nearest woman or from a neighbor’s grandma. (Anyone can and know how to install this). Honestly I think even a child can install this, as nothing is easier.

how to install chlorine shower filter
Installing chlorine shower filter is easy.

Take a chlorine shower filter from package, remove the red plug from filter.

Remove the shower hose and replace it with filter, attach the hose to the filter – congratulations, now you can enjoy chlorine-free showers.

The connector is universal, ie it will fit for most showers unless you have some special model. On my shower it fitted perfectly.

If it does not fit, go to a hardware store and ask for suitable connector / sequel.

The easiest thing you can do for your own and for your child’s health.

Where you can get it?

If you live in the city or you can smell chlorine in your water, then this filter is your best choice and highly functional solution for removing free chlorine from your shower.

If you live in US, best place to get it is from

If you live outside U.S for example in Singapore, Russia, Brazil or Europe then by far the best way to acquire this filter is, which ships to over 150 different countries. Personally I get almost all health-related stuff from iherb, as its up to 200% cheaper than local stores in Europe.

If you have not yet ordered from, you’ll get $5 off from your first order, if you order for more than $40 dollars you’ll get $10 off. You get the discount code automatically from my links and while you’ll benefit from this, I also benefit by getting “iHerb credits” that I can use towards my next orders. Thank you for this!

If the above model is sold out (as it often is) I would recommend try out the updated version: Rainshow’r, The New Century, Dechlorinating Shower Filter, 1 Filter.

Conclusion: If you know, smell or taste chlorine in your water… For my personal experience there is no thing that improves quality of your life for more than investment for a good chlorine shower filter.

“Chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times. It is an insidious poison”. – Dr. Joseph M. Price, MD

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