Juicing Recipe for Better Sex and Erections

This juicing recipe for men includes ingredients that boost blood flow, increase testosterone, reduce inflammation and might even make women more attracted to you.

This juicing recipe is also great for women, but in this article, I list the benefits mainly for men.

manly juicing recipe ingredients
Manly juicing recipe ingredients

Ingredients of this juicing recipe for better sex:
1x Beetroot
2x Carrot
3x Celery stalks
1x Lemon
1x Tomato
20 grams of fresh ginger

But what actually makes this juicing recipe good for sex and erections? Let’s take a deeper look at its ingredients.


One of the main ingredients of this juicing recipe for men is a beetroot. Several bloggers and media sites praise beetroot as an ultimate super food for men. It’s claimed that beets might increase your exercise performance, stamina, blood flow and nitric oxide levels. In addition, it’s said that eating beetroots reduce your inflammation and blood pressure. Do these claims hold any truth? Let’s take a look at some studies…

Beetroot and exercise:
Systematic review and meta-analysis from 2013:

“Overall, these results suggest that nitrate supplementation is associated with a moderate improvement in constant load time to exhaustion tasks. Despite not reaching statistical significance, the small positive effect on time trial or graded exercise performance may be meaningful in an elite sport context. More data are required to clarify the effect of nitrate supplementation on exercise performance and to elucidate the optimal way to implement supplementation.” – Source

Double-blind crossover study inspecting how beetroot impacts on endurance exercise performance:

Consumption of nitrate-rich, whole beetroot improves running performance in healthy adults. Because whole vegetables have been shown to have health benefits, whereas nitrates from other sources may have detrimental health effects, it would be prudent for individuals seeking performance benefits to obtain nitrates from whole vegetables, such as beetroot. – study

Here is a quote from the medical news today:

“Exercise and athletic performance: Beetroot juice supplementation has been shown to improve muscle oxygenation during exercise, suggesting that increased dietary nitrate intake has the potential to enhance exercise tolerance during long-term endurance exercise. Quality of life for those with cardiovascular, respiratory, or metabolic diseases, who find the activities of daily living physically difficult because of lack of oxygenation, could be improved. Beetroot juice improved performance by 2.8% (11 seconds) in a 4-km bicycle time trial and by 2.7% (45 seconds) in 16.1-km time trial. ” – Medical news today

Beetroot and inflammation:
It is well know fact that beetroot contains betaine, which is important human nutrient and have anti-inflammatory effects (see 1, 2)

Betaine is an important human nutrient obtained from the diet from a variety of foods. It’s rapidly absorbed and utilized as an osmolyte and source of methyl groups and thereby helps to maintain liver, heart, and kidney health. Betaine can reduce the elevated serum homocysteine concentrations associated with mild or severe hyperhomocystinuria via the methionine cycle and may play a role in epigenetics and athletic performance.” – Betaine in human nutrition

Beetroot is also high in folic acid (vitamin B9) which might also reduce inflammation (see 1, 2).

Beetroot and blood pressure:
Systematic review and meta-analysis about beetroots effects on blood pressure:

“Inorganic nitrate and beetroot juice consumption were associated with greater changes in systolic BP [-4.4 mm Hg (95% CI: -5.9, -2.8); P < 0.001] than diastolic BP [-1.1 mm Hg (95% CI: -2.2, 0.1); P = 0.06]. The meta-regression showed an association between daily dose of inorganic nitrate and changes in systolic BP (P < 0.05). Inorganic nitrate and beetroot juice supplementation was associated with a significant reduction in systolic BP" - Source

As you can see, most claimed benefits of beetroots seem to be backed up by science. A word of caution: make sure that you don’t use any antiseptic mouthwash or anything that destroys natural flora from your mouth because it will cancel out the benefits of beetroot. (Explained in this video)

The power of beetroot


Celery is interesting vegetable and one of the main part of this juicing recipe for men. It’s been said that celery contains androstenone, a pheromone which is claimed to make women more attracted to you. But thats not all, as celery also has plenty of vitamins for healthy sex drive for men (magnesium, zinc, potassium), and it also has the famous natural viagra amino acid called arginine. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that the world famous womanizer Giacomo Casanova reportedly ate a lot celery. And the famous pornstar Peter North has been said to eat 2-3 whole stalks of celery in mornings before a “shoot”.

Here’s what Wikipedia says:

“Androstenone is postulated to be secreted only by males as an attractant for women, and thought to be a positive effector for their[who?] mood. It seems to have different effects on women, depending on where a female is in her menstrual cycle, with the highest sensitivity to it during ovulation.[34] In 1983, study participants exposed to androstenone were shown to undergo changes in skin conductance.[40] Androstenone has been found to be perceived as more pleasant to men at a woman’s time of ovulation. It is hypothesized that this may be a way for a male to detect an ovulating female who would be more willing to be involved in sexual interaction.[32]” – Source

Could it be that you could trick ladies to bed by eating a lot of celery? Well, its not 100% sure that celery even contains the real animal androstenone, but there are a lot of people who report good result using celery before going out to dates and nightclubs. Though there are no good double-blind studies about this subject. If you find this interesting, I recommend you to check out this book.

Anyway even if celery would not make ladies more attracted to you, it’s still a great source of essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy sex drive for men and women.


The third ingredient of this juice is a ginger, which is one the most famous superfoods in the world. Ginger offers a wide range of health benefits, including but not limited to gastrointestinal relief, anti-inflammatory effects, immune system boosting and raising testosterone levels (Though testosterone boosting effect have been confirmed only with rodents and infertile men) – making ginger a great add-on to this manly juice recipe.

Here is what examine.com says about ginger:

“Ginger appears to be effective in increasing testosterone concentrations in rodents. Preliminary evidence to support the usage of ginger to boost testosterone concentrations, although this has only been demonstrated in infertile men at this point in time” – examine ginger

Here is an actual study:

The present study conclude that after treatment with ginger, cause a significant reduction in serum MDA & significant increase in serum LH, FSH & testosterone. Treatment with ginger increase serum glutathione & reduce serum & seminal fluid MDA – Source


Here is great summary about benefits of lemons and also great recipe:


Juicing is the easiest way to add these sex drive boosting vegetables to your diet. Just a little amount of vegetables can be turned into healthy and delicious vegetable juice with a masticating juicer.

If you’re thinking about investing in a juicer. I am currently using low speed Omega Masticating Juicer and I’m really happy with it. But if you are looking for a low-cost option: this model is the best value for money. It will do fine with everything on this juicing recipe.

juicing recipe for men
Juicing recipe for men

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