MCT Oil – Cheat Code For Weight Loss?

Are these medium chain triglycerides found from coconut oil one of the main reasons for the slimness of Asian women? Why MCT Oil is often called as a cheat code for weight loss. Is it true or is it bullshit?

The old fat burning secret from bodybuilders and dieters is coming again… For this you can give thanks to biohacker Dave Asprey for inventing the so called Bulletproof Coffee recipe. Bulletproof Coffee has become a hit virtually everywhere in the world.

In this article I look in to one of the most important ingredients of this particular coffee blend – the MCT oil. Why it is great for weight loss? What it is and where you can get it?

Why Thai people are so slim?

Anyone who has traveled in the 90’s in Thailand knows that fat people there were a rarity, in fact, did they exist at all at the time? Today, things are different: in almost every corner you can be find very affordably priced McDonald’s or KFC. Inherent part of Thai cuisine, a coconut oil has been now demonized as “evil hard fat” and has been replaced by margarines or soy bean oil – which has definitely contributed to the rising obesity epidemic.

Thai locals are even appalled when they see foreigners buying “unhealthy coconuts” and come up to raise awareness of how those should not be eaten. The lies told by the media about saturated fat is a well-imbedded mindset almost everywhere you go.

I remember when I went to my local Foodland supermarket to buy two coconuts, cashier already looked with strange expressions, as if I were to buy something like a poison. After that two women approached and asked “why I buy those? not healthy”, they say. “Why?” – “Make you fat” Yeah, can you even believe this? This event has occurred dozens of times when I buy coconuts in Thailand – its almost like they believe that this ignorant foreigner is going to kill himself by eating coconuts. At this rate, Thailand, previously known as the country where there was no obese people, will become a haven of obese people just like U.S.

The secret of slim Thai people (which is now changing, though) has been continuous intake of thermogenic foods, coconut oil and MCT oil, as well as hot spices are thermogenic foods which burns fat. My experience is that by modeling a traditional Thai cuisine, it is absolutely impossible to get fat & obese, even they eat a lot of rice and noodles.

WARNING: If you want to increase your weight and fat percentage… Then DO NOT under in any circumstances use a MCT oil, and you might not even want to use coconut oil. These oils make it a lot more difficult to achieve weight gain, more on this below.

What is MCT-oil and what benefits does it have?

MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride) is the most healthiest and most weight loss inducing part of coconut oil, caprylic (C-8) and caprylic acid (C-10).

Coconut oil contains about 55% of the medium-length fatty acids, but there is only 15% caprylic and caprylic acid (The slimming fatty acids).

Coconut oil has only 15% of the very best fatty acids. Making a high-quality MCT oil about 6 times more efficient and better for weight loss, improving brain function, or achieving ketosis.

The majority of coconut oil health claims is based on the MCT oil.

Almost all studies of how coconut oil aids weight loss has been performed with MCT oil. From there people have drawn a conclusion that the coconut oil induces a weight loss because it is in average ~55% long-chain triglycerides. However, the reality is quite far away, because coconut oil has only about 15% weight loss-type MCT’s (caprylic and capric acids), of its weight. Coconut oil also has other beneficial fatty acids such as lauric acid, so it is wise to continue using it.

Claimed benefits of MCT-oil

  • Enhances brain activity
  • Promotes fat burning (thermogenic substance)
  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Improve the durability and performance as well as helps by maintaining muscle mass
  • Eliminates fatigue and tiredness (perfect for anyone with a stressful, exhausting work)

The following podcast includes amazing benefits of a MCT oil.

Abel’s Experience w/ MCT Oil, Sugar cravings vs. MCT Oil – at the time 21:00-25:00 there is talk about MCT-oil and how it prevents all craving to junk food and sugary foods.

I think that MCT oil is one of the most potent appetite suppressant, any so-called “unhealthy food” really loses their power to me when I’m consuming MCT oil. Candy stores shelves, baking shops, and the fresh scent of bakeries has completely lost their power. For this reason, this article doesn’t improve junk food business.

MCT oil is also a real brain food that might relieve even the Alzheimer’s disease, according to the following articles: Can coconut oil ease Alzheimer’s? Families who’ve given it to loved ones swear by it / Coconut Oil: Four Tablespoons of This “Brain Food” May Prevent Alzheimer’s

MCT oil – cheat code for weight loss

Most people have not even heard of this, even though bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have praised it for decades. It is cheaper and works faster than any other weight loss products. It is tasteless and odorless so you do not have to be on verge of vomiting while you enjoy this “diet product”. It also reduces the appetite and eliminates the innate “need” for junk foods.

“What’s interesting is the fact that MCT have been used in the early years of bodybuilding. Particularly, an elite acclaimed natural bodybuilder referred to as “The natural wonder” used MCT extensively in his nutritional intake during precontest preparation (Manore et al., 1993). Although this bodybuilder consumed a very high amount of MCT (~30% of calories), he was able to successfully go from 9% body fat to 6.9% body fat via underwater weighing, in a time period of 8-weeks. He was a very successful bodybuilder having won many competitions – Coconut oil The Untold Story

Did you know? MCT oil may speed up your metabolism. So, even if you do not do anything else than use MCT-oil, then automatically you will burn more calories than what you would normally. This is the most astonishing benefit for anyone who wants to lose weight or stay in better condition – without any effort.

MCT-oil could just be the secret weapon for weight loss.

Studied benefits of MCT-oil

Several studies show that the MCT-oil intake promotes weight loss positively.

  • Thermogenic effect – MCT oil works thermogenic, ie mct oil consumption with the meals speeds up the metabolism and thus increases calorie expenditure, promoting weight loss. – Thermic effect of medium-chain and long-chain triglycerides in man.
  • Convert your body fat faster into energy – If you eat too much, then your body will store fat for later use. Body can convert these stored fats for energy by so-called fatty acid metabolism. MCT oil speeds up this process, and its proven scientifically. Meaning: by using MCT oil your bodys fat content is transformed into energy faster. So, you boost your daily energy from your own fat storage and lose weight faster.
  • MCT oil decreases appetite – Taking MCT oil can increase your satiety and lower your energy intake for rest of the day. 2016 study found out that if you replace your breakfast vegetable oils with MCT oil you will feel more satiety and reduce amount of calories you eat throughout the day.
  • Slimming effect to the next level – Add MCT oil to coffee, try the so-called “Bulletproof coffee”. Also, spicy food intake may contribute to weight reduction. “Adding chilli and MCT to meals increases DIT by over 50 % which over time may cumulate to help induce weight loss and prevent weight gain or regain.” – Source

So, is MCT oil magic pill for dieters and everyone looking to lose weight?

Unfortunately no. MCT oil is not a substitute for good food choices. You can not expect to lose weight if you add MCT oil to a chocolate cake, pizza or to a Big Mac and Coke.

You should have common sense and remember that MCT oil has calories, and you obviously aren’t going to lose weight if you take it too much. So do not expect to lose weight if you drink MCT oil, and eat 3000 calories more than you consume. Bodybuilders replace other fats with MCT oil when they want to achieve smaller fat percentage for competitions, they do not just add it to their diet.

Add MCT oil in a salad, sushi, soups, smoothies/milkshakes or coffee, so it helps slimming by burning more calories. MCT oil is also perfect for replacing unhealthy fats, because you shouldn’t try to be without fat (a human body needs fat to thrive).

If you’ve made a New Year’s promise of losing weight, and you drink meal replacement powders with hard hand (which I do not recommend), then put tablespoon of MCT oil into your meal replacement smoothies… This way you actually improve your weight loss. And if you would use fat burning MCT oil along with a normal diet, then you really do not even need to use any unnecessary & costly chemical additive laced, artificially sweetened meal substitutes.

Slimming Tip: When you eat meals with rice or pasta for example, add some mct oil to a rice and pasta and it’ll make a huge difference and even helps prevent weight gain. This epic hack is something that very few people know, but now you’re among the few and you’re automatically in better position.

In this humorous comic busy & tired Santa Claus found MCT oil can help to revitalize him for the Christmas, and chubby Santa became surprisingly fast pretty good bodied muscular man. All who use MCT oil can relate to this comic and its message, which is spot on.

Another great video about MCT oil benefits: MCT Oil helps burn fat naturally!

What you should know before you buy MCT oil

First of all, in MCT-oil selection you should pay attention to from what it is compressed. Best MCT oil comes from coconuts but high-quality MCT oil can also be obtained from palm kernel oil.

Another thing is caprylic and capric acid (C-8, C-10) amount. The closer to 100% – the better and the more effective the oil is.

At the moment I use Now Foods MCT oil, which I think is the best value for money. Though this probably aint 100% (C-8, C-10), even though Now Foods support might claim that, rather its likely around 95-98% pure mct oil. (Now Foods would use the fact in marketing if the product would be 100%)

In various places, 100% MCT-oil costs around $30-50 per 32 oz (1 liter). Now Foods MCT oil is only about $20 in Amazon and ~$9 in iHerb (473 ml). Now Foods MCT oil is also in dark glass bottle – which is very important with dietary oil-products so that no plastic chemicals (such as BPA) leach in to the oil.

You can get these these slimming fatty acids (C-8, C-10) also from coconut oil, but coconut oil has only about 15% them. So MCT oil should be used for weight loss as its cheaper and more effective.

I recommend Coconut oil from Artisana, which comes in glass jar and is organic extra virgin: Amazon and also iHerb carries Artisana Coconut Oil.

If you live outside of U.S, for example in Russia, Singapore, Brazil or Europe, then your best choice is which ships to over 150 different countries, and carries great selection of MCT oil and virtually every natural supplement there is.

If you click my links to you’ll get 5% off from your order. You get the discount code automatically from my links and while you’ll benefit from this, I also benefit by getting “iHerb credits” that I can use towards my next orders. Thank you for this!

A good review of Now Foods MCT oil

How to use MCT-oil

– Start slowly. Beginners can experience a laxative “disaster pants” effect at high doses. Start with one tablespoon / day. So, for example teaspoon in coffee cup.
– Add to salads, sauces, sushi, smoothies and coffee.
– You can use MCT oil in the cooking of less than ~ 320°F (or 160 degrees), but I recommend to add it to dishes after cooking.
– MCT oil is tasteless, colorless and odorless, so you can add it to all foods to actually increase foods thermogenic effect. (this way the food you eat consumes more calories)
– Tablespoon of MCT oil before going to bed helps your body to burn fat and assists the body to move into ketosis more easily and faster during the night. You can also improve the quality of sleep, especially with honey. See the benefits of honey before going to sleep from here.

MCT oil benefits
A dieter’s best friend MCT oil

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