Miranda Kerr’s Green Smoothie

How Victoria’s Secret supermodels start their days? Let’s take a deeper look at Miranda Kerr’s green smoothie recipe and ingredients behind it.

Miranda Kerr morning smoothie recipe

Miranda Kerr’s green smoothie ingredients:

Coconut water (1 glass)
Coconut milk (1 glass)
Acai berry powder (1 tbsp)
Goji berries (1 tbsp)
Spirulina (1 tbsp)
Cacao powder (1 tbsp)
Maca powder (1 tbsp)
Chia seeds (1 tbsp)
Rice protein powder (1.5 tbsp)

Miranda Kerr’s morning ritual
Miranda starts her day with a warm water with lemon claiming that it cleanses your body and boost the immune system. Are these claims actually true?

Well, there are studies made on how fruits and vegetables affect human DNA. According study done in Hong Kong lemon seems to really provide some DNA protection. Lemon or its ingredients cut DNA damage about 30%. It was also tested that the effect did not come from ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as they removed it from the tested lemons. I am not sure if there are any studies made where lemon did actually boost detoxification pathways, but yes there are some ingredients in lemons that provide DNA protection.

Does eating lemons or citrus fruit make you less likely to get cancer? Well this meta-analysis linked high citrus fruits consumption with 10% reduction in risk of breast cancer. Another study have linked consumption of citrus peels with reduced risk of skin cancer, but there was no association with reduced skin cancer and overall consumption of citrus fruits.

So it seems that you should also consume citrus peels to get most benefits. As you can see lemons are a healthy thing to consume, but what about the actual Miranda Kerr’s green smoothie ingredients…

Miranda’s smoothie ingredients

Let’s take a deeper look for these ingredients – what exactly are these ingredients, are they really healthy or just random claims from marketers? And also let’s look at studies made on them.

  • Acai berry powder – Acai berry is grossly hyped “superfood” from the Amazon. Acai berry is sincerely high in antioxidants (ORAC Value 102700 according to USDA), which is the reason why it’s used in many beauty products. But does consuming Acai berry really give you health benefits? Let’s take a look studies made with Acai berries.

    In one pilot study Acai berry improved plasma glucose levels, insulin and total cholesterol in overweight adults (1).

    Another pilot study made on berry-based juice blend also improved serum lipid profiles, but did not have any effect on sport performance (2).

    It is also tested in mice that Acai berry is not beneficial for athletes (3).

    According to these pilot studies, there is something in Acai berries that seems to improve lipid profiles in humans, but more studies are needed to make any conclusion.

    In conclusion, Acai berry is antioxidant high over-hyped berry but does not yet have enough scientifical studies under its belt to justify its high price. Basically, it does not really matter if you replace your expensive Acai berry powders with fresh blueberries (for example). But if you want to use Acai berries, I suggest to use high quality organic freeze-dried powder like this.

  • Goji berries – First I was extremely skeptical about Goji berries, but I was little amazed when I looked studies made with them. While most of the studies made on Goji berries are pilot studies and there might have conflict of interest, but positive result have been seen.

    Let’s take a look some of them (as there is a huge conflict of interest, I ignored every study that Goji selling MLM company made. You just can not trust studies like that).

    Goji berries contain some polysaccharides that seems to enhance endurance according to animal studies (1, 2).

    Goji polysaccharides improve neurogenesis, memory and protects against Alzheimer’s disease according to animal studies (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

    Other benefits from animal studies: Goji berries seems to be anti-estrogenic (1) and enhance immune system (2).

    In conclusion Goji berries seems to improve athletic performance, neurogenesis, memory and even protect against neurodegenerative disorders according to animal studies. Of course, we still need to wait for good human trials to confirm these findings.

    It’s really like flipping a coin to try to find high quality juicy and soft Goji berries as every batch of berries seems to be different. It’s been a while since I have ordered Goji berries, but from personal experience Dragon Herbs have been the only company that constantly delivers almost fresh like juicy and soft Goji berries.

  • Spirulina – Miranda Kerr’s green smoothie’s only “green” ingredient is pretty famous superfood blue-green algae Spirulina (similar to chlorella). Spirulina has a good nutritional value and contains all essential amino acids. Benefits of Spirulina are mainly linked to it’s nutrition content. But it’s also noted that consuming Spirulina seems to improve blood lipid profiles, lower blood pressure, LDL, total cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels in humans (1, 2, 3).

    Spirulina is a controversial superfood as there seems to be a lot of quality issues with it. Low-quality Spirulina products might contain everything from microcystins to heavy metals (Assessing potential health risks from microcystin toxins in blue-green algae dietary supplements).

    It is suggested to use just a small amounts of these green algae products. Spirulina is intended to be like your multivitamin, not your main calorie source. If you’re pregnant you should not use them at all, better to be safe than sorry.

    I can not stress enough that you must choose your Spirulina very carefully. If you can not afford clean high-quality Spirulina just skip it and buy organic kale instead. The only Spirulina that I have used without problems is this.

  • Cacao powder – Unusual choice for a green smoothie, but according to old myths, chocolate is the best aphrodisiac which can be found on our planet. For example the famous Casanova reckon chocolate as aphrodisiac and drank it with his ladies. Casanova was a wise man, as new research shows that cocoa ingredients affect the brain, improving mood and sense of well-being, which leads to an increase in sexual desire especially in women.

    Is this one of the Miranda’s Kerrs beauty secret?
    The flavonoid-rich cacao is not for just improving sexual desire, as in a new study it was noted that cacao been shown to reduce wrinkles and make skin more elastic. For this reason, you should choose a non-alkalized flavonoid-rich cacao, even though it tastes bitter.

    You can identify real cacao from its bitter taste (non-alkalized), which mean it has still health beneficial flavonoids remaining (1)

    Personally I am a big fan of CocoCardio, which uses 100% non-alkalized flavonoid rich cacao combined with beet root and hibiscus.

  • Maca powder – The famous libido booster. You can learn more about maca root by reading (includes warning) -> Nutrition And Supplements For Bigger Butt & Breasts?
  • Chia seeds – You can learn more about chia seeds by reading Chia seed benefits
  • Rice protein powder – For learning more about rice protein see: Rice protein 101

Miranda Kerr’s green smoothie contains some really healthy ingredients but is more like superfood mix smoothie than a green smoothie. To make this smoothie more green you could use more leafy greens (kale, spinach, romaine lettuce) or more varied green powders.

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