MSM Benefits – Bigger Breasts With MSM?

MSM powder is now the hottest “beauty mineral” which is used by millions of women worldwide. Unfortunately, some women are not able to use MSM because their breasts start to pop out from their bras. Are you aware of this side effect?

Why MSM is every women’s number #1 beauty mineral
Methylsulfonylmethane is called a beauty mineral because it appears to improve skin elasticity, a thickness of the hair and nails in a short period of time. MSM (organic sulfur) is needed for skin collagen and keratin production, and both of them are vital for healthy hair, nails, and skin. Recently I heard that MSM powder may even grow larger breasts for women.

MSM powder may increase women’s cup size

The MSM phenomenon. Can MSM grow bigger breasts for women? Many women’s report breast growing effect of MSM powder.

Started taking msm 1000mg 2 weeks ago in hopes for clearer skin but have noticed very tender breasts and firmer/slightly fuller boobs (no clear skin yet). I guess msm helps build collagen and repair tissue so I’m assuming that’s what it’s doing for my cleavage (which I love).

Ladies, Ladies, I have been taking msm for two weeks now and my breast are blowing up. They are literally popping out of my 32 b bra. I think I may have to stop taking msm.

Bigger breasts with MSM

I have been taking MSM powder for the last few weeks for hair and nail growth. I have recently noticed my breast size increasing too but I didn’t even consider that it could be related to the MSM that I am taking! Thanks for the info.!

MSM always made my breasts look bigger. Without fail, if I wanted bigger tits I’d take ~a tablespoon of MSM twice a day for three days.

Very little is known about why MSM helps increase breast size but many women have reported an increase while taking MSM.

Several women even can not use MSM because of this, and they have stopped taking MSM due to excessive big breasts. And that’s too bad because the MSM offers a lot of other health benefits for the hair and nails, as well as improvement in a beauty of the skin. MSM benefits the joints, bones and improves significantly recovery time from training sessions. There is a great deficiency of MSM in a modern human diet and health experts recommend taking nutritional MSM supplements.

There are also many well-known health experts that recommends MSM. For example author of Eating for Beauty David Wolfe recommends MSM (specifically the patented Opti-MSM).

MSM is said to go to where your body needs it the most. MSM is known to be constructive and to increase the collagen tissue where you need it, and in many women’s case, this may cause a rapid increase in their breast size.

Warning to women: If your breasts are growing too much when you are using MSM powder, then you should discontinue use. Overly large breasts can be uncomfortable. However, many have reported that the breasts went back to the old size of when they stop using MSM.

my boobs went up to the point where my bras were not fitting and I couldn’t wear any of my button up shirts (the buttons on my jackets were even pulling). I stopped taking it and after about a month or so, my breasts went back down to their normal size.

This is a interesting discovery. I recently started taking MSM not for my hair, but for my allergies. An osteopathic doctor recommended 3000 mg a day for 4 weeks as a natural cure for my allergies. The other day my boyfriend and I noticed that my breast look fuller and they’ve been tender. At first it had me nervous thinking I was preggo. Confirmed that wasn’t the case. This is the only thing thats changed in my diet so it might be the cause. My BF seems to like the new boobage so I’m not complaining.

So I was taking 1000 – 2000 mgs a day and hadnt really noticed a difference. After speaking with the guy in the health food store I uped it to 2000 – 3000 mgs. So maybe 1 1/2 – 2 weeks later I noticed my boobs were kinda achey but didnt think too much of it. Then I started to notice that they were getting more firm…then they got bigger!!! Took THREE pregnancy tests because I didnt believe ANY of them until I got my period. No Im not pregnant it is the MSM!!!! I AM ECSTATIC!!!

I started taking MSM powder on Christmas Eve and hubby began saying in January that my boobs were growing. I just thought it was his fantasy/delusion. I went up one cup size.

Wow, this summer I was faithfully taking my MSM and I was gaining weight like never before and my boobs – which never grow- got noticeably bigger!!!

Read more women experiences with breast enhancing MSM powder here. (8 pages of MSM breasts benefits)

With some women, MSM powder really seems to cause breast growth. Hard to say why this is, but there is significant amount breast growing experiences on the Internet. However, this is not guaranteed, but MSM may increase the breasts size in women – at least there is an abundance of reported bigger breasts experiences with it.

Some women reports that also the weight begins to increase when they started using MSM. They have found that this new increased weight goes to the right places, such as the breasts.

This is of course not the only reason why you should eat MSM powder, it has also numerous other effects on the beauty and health. Read: 5 Important Ways MSM Could Benefit Your Health

Read more about breast enhancing effects of MSM powder – MSM and breast enlargement

Is MSM safe?

MSM is very safe to use, there is no longer any doubt about it. MSM median lethal dose value is approximately equal to a water, and it can not even be determined.

There is a lot animal studies made with MSM, for example this study concluded: “MSM administered in a single gavage dose of 2 g/kg resulted in no adverse events or mortality. MSM administered as a daily dose of 1.5 g/kg for 90 days by gavage resulted in no adverse events or mortality.”

Another study showed similar results: Oral developmental toxicity study of methylsulfonylmethane in rats

For humans, its pretty much impossible even eat that much MSM (2 g/kg). Even for a girl who weighs 100 pounds, it would mean about 100 grams or 3.5 ounces MSM per day. Recommended MSM dosages are up to ~5-10 grams (1-2 teaspoons) per day.

There are no known drug interactions with MSM, according to MSM guide. See more studies about MSM safety from here.

Where to get MSM?

MSM products are currently on sale pretty much on every health food stores. Just remember to pick up a product that is “OPTI-MSM”, which mean its distilled four times and is the cleanest MSM available. Other MSM products might contain distillation by-products or other toxins. I don’t personally use, and I don’t recommend anyone to use anything other than Opti-MSM products.

Please note: All Opti-MSM products are exactly same stuff from the same U.S based manufacturer: Bergstrom Nutrition.

You can find OPTI-MSM products from I personally use Doctor’s Best, Best OPTI-MSM PowderMSM powder

If you live outside of U.S, for example in Russia, Singapore, Brazil or Europe, then your best choice is which ships to over 150 different countries, and carries great selection of OPTI-MSM products and virtually every natural supplement there is.

Here is links to iHerb:
Doctor’s Best, Best MSM Powder, Opti-MSM 250g

Doctor’s Best Opti-MSM Capsules of 1000 mg, 180 Capsules – I do not recommend the MSM capsules, but as an alternative for those who prefer capsules instead of the powder.

Source Naturals, MSM Powder, 35 oz (1000 g) – Cheapest priced Opti-MSM powder at the moment.

So Source Naturals, MSM Powder from is superior price winner.

You can get along with this one product for almost 3 years, if you use it gram a day. But if the goal is the bigger breasts, then you should lift up to two or three teaspoons per day up to 0,7 oz or 20 grams per day.

How much and how to use MSM supplement?

It is important to start with a low dose. In the beginning, I would take only about half a teaspoon or even less, with a glass of water. Then you can start gradually increasing the dose until your body’s sulfur stocks are fulfilled.

It is suggested that MSM works better with vitamin C, and while there is no study evidence of this, I still put a hint of this inexpensive non-gmo vitamin C powder in my water glass whenever I take MSM.

There is no standard for effective dosage. The therapeutic dose is considered to be about 0,3-0,7 oz (10-20 grams) per a day. For the maintenance 1-5 grams daily is fine. Over-dosage may result in a loose stomach or even diarrhea.

You can add MSM to smoothies, glass of water or take it the way you prefer. Personally, I add MSM to my post-workout smoothies and take it with water all the time. MSM protects muscle proteins during exercise – that study also indicates that it’s wise to take MSM before exercise.

MSM is one of those supplements which is very useful for people who exercise on a regular basis, and for people who wishes to see an upgrade on their appearance.

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