Why Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) Makes Breasts Grow Bigger?

Lately I’ve got a lot questions about MSM powder and it’s ability to make women’s breasts bigger. I’m going to answer these questions with this article. There are literally hundreds of women claiming that their breasts started growing after they’ve started using MSM supplement.

The most common question is “why is this happening and is there scientific explanation?”. Another common question is “is there any side effects with making your breast bigger with MSM powder?”

At first I was skeptical and thought that breast growth caused by MSM powder was only a rumor. However, now I’ve closely seen how it really works and I can tell it is not just a rumor.

In July 2015 I showed this MSM article to a woman friend. She was inspired by it and started using MSM supplement right away.

It did not even take a whole month when she excitedly messaged me “my tits have really GROWN!“. And yes, after a closer look I came to the same conclusion. It really works! Clearly fuller breasts.

She continued to use MSM with enthusiasm and always ordered a new package when the former ran out. Occasionally I got more comments such as “I have to buy a new bras”.

Then came a moment when forced by circumstances I did not see this woman for almost three months. When I saw her breasts again, I was amazed. What in the world, now this woman has BREASTS. When we met the first time she did not have in any kind striking breasts. But now she has chubby and mellow breasts. She looks now shapely, still slender but curvy like an hourglass. The difference is like a day and night.

Unbelievable that MSM did this. It did not happen overnight, but after months of a self-disciplined use. Now she has naturally larger breasts, and if I had not been “co-creating” them, I would suspect her taking a boob job. This woman is certainly using MSM powder for the rest of her life.

does msm cause breast grow
Several women have gained bigger breasts with MSM

Why MSM makes women’s breasts grow bigger?

At the moment no one knows the exact reason to why MSM increases women’s breasts size and the reason will remain unknown till larger studies about the subject will be made. Usually you have to wait a long time for these studies, because MSM is a “natural” substance that can not be patented. So it’s hard to find funding for these studies.

Currently there is no clear scientific hypothesis to why MSM increases womans breasts size. Of course there are theories, from DNA methylation to keratin and collagen formation, but they are still only theories.

Though it’s not the first time that MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is linked to women’s breasts. For example, there is evidence that MSM is effective in suppressing the growth of breast cancers (1, 2, 3). MSM appears to be women’s breasts best friend in a many ways and it shouldn’t consumed for only hope of a bigger breasts.

MSM is not good just for a womens breasts, it also has a lot of interesting researched benefits. For example MSM speed up recovery from training at a dose of 3 grams after training (study MSM speeds up post-weight training recovery).

Another thing you can consider is why every women’s breasts are not growing with MSM powder. Does some other ingredient taken with MSM give combined effect to breast enlargement? There are many women claiming that their breasts did not grow with MSM powder – until they started to take vitamin C with it. My personal observation from women who have experienced breast growth with MSM powder also took vitamin C with it. So is MSM + Vitamin C a winning combination for breast grow?

Can using MSM as breast size enhancer be dangerous?

MSM breast growing phenomenon has led many women to take more than 10 grams of MSM powder on a daily basis. Many wonders whether it can be harmful in any way?

Answer: According to a modern science, large amounts of MSM powder will not cause adverse effects in humans. Human studies have typically used 4-6 grams of MSM powder daily and no adverse effects have been observed. According to animal studies recommended upper limit for MSM powder is about 30 grams per day. This high doses obviously can not be recommended for continuous daily use. (1, 2, 3)

In rat studies even a dose of 1,500 mg per kg of body weight for 90 days did not induce toxic or harmful biochemical signs (1). High doses of MSM did not cause any teratogenic effects even to pregnant rats (2).

Although MSM is perfectly safe to use, you should always pay attention to purity and quality of your MSM product. There is evidence that MSM is able to penetrate the blood-brain barrier (1) and obviously you don’t want any by-products and toxins to accumulate in your brain. Purity of your MSM product is one of the most important things you should pay attention to while choosing and using your MSM product. Reports of abdominal discomfort, chest pain and vomiting after using regular MSM powders from China are on the rise world-wide. So I suggest choosing your MSM products carefully.

Which MSM product I should use?

As we learned above you should only consume pure and at least quadruple-distilled MSM products for now. OPTI-MSM is currently the only brand that guarantees 4-times distillation and purity of their products. And all Opti-MSM products are exactly the same stuff, from the same US-based manufacturer Bergstrom Nutrition. So doesn’t matter which brand you choose, just make sure the MSM inside of your product is quadruple-distilled OPTI-MSM. Currently the cheapest price for OPTI-MSM powder hovers around 12-15 dollars per pound.

Currently the best choice for 100% OPTI-MSM (price per pound) is Source Naturals 100% MSM powder. You can get it even cheaper in iHerb (first time discount -10% and 10% loyalty credit).

Another good choice for pure 100% OPTIMSM is Doctor’s Best, Best MSM Powder (~$14 per pound). This is also a little cheaper at iHerb if you are first timer or stock up on the loyalty discount.

And when it comes to vitamin C; currently Nutribiotic is one rare if not the only company that makes their ascorbic acid from non-gmo materials. Nutribiotic ascorbic acid 1 pound package or even bigger 2 pounds package are the best choices for ascorbic acid.

For those who want only complete natural vitamin C product: Madre-C which is again a good choice, as Madre Labs stopped using maltodextrin in manufacturing process.

msm powder combo
MSM + Vitamin C combo


Although it was hard to believe, MSM can really cause really frightening breast growth on some women. And while there are theories, there are not yet any scientific hypothesis for why this occurs. But it’s really difficult to deny these real-life results and ultimately that is the only science that really matters. Those women whom now enjoys their naturally larger breasts (ballooned by MSM supplements) would like to keep this as a secret. But now the effective combination has been revealed.


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