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Beetroot Juice Benefits (2017 updated)

Beetroot juice benefits have been a hot topic for professional athletes for a long time. Lately, even regular people have started to use beetroot juice to enhance their fitness and bedroom performance. Which is probably why I get a lot of questions regarding beetroot juice benefits. Here are the most common questions and answers that

Juicing Recipe For Beautiful Skin

Is there a juicing recipe for beautiful skin? Yes, at least you might become more attractive by drinking this juice. Most people don’t know that these beauty ingredients are available basically in every grocery store.

Miranda Kerr’s Green Smoothie

How Victoria’s Secret supermodels start their days? Let’s take a deeper look at Miranda Kerr’s green smoothie recipe and ingredients behind it. Miranda Kerr morning smoothie recipe Miranda Kerr’s green smoothie ingredients: Coconut water (1 glass) Coconut milk (1 glass) Acai berry powder (1 tbsp) Goji berries (1 tbsp) Spirulina (1 tbsp) Cacao powder (1

My Experience on the Benefits of Tulsi (Holy Basil)

In this article I share my experiences using Tulsi herb (Holy basil). I have been using tulsi since 2012 and this is my summary from the benefits I have gotten. What is Tulsi? Background: Tulsi (also known with names Tulasi, Holy basil and Ocimum tenuiflorum) has been used in several ancient systems of medicine including

Juicing Recipe for Better Sex and Erections

This juicing recipe for men includes ingredients that boost blood flow, increase testosterone, reduce inflammation and might even make women more attracted to you. This juicing recipe is also great for women, but in this article, I list the benefits mainly for men. Ingredients of this juicing recipe for better sex: 1x Beetroot 2x Carrot

Hibiscus Tea – The Healthiest Tea?

Is Hibiscus Tea the world’s healthiest beverage? Even way better than green tea? The answer was unexpected and surprised me. Watch the video below. Now that you know the answer, let’s explain more… Hibiscus is a flower plant with a variety of health benefits. According to many clinical human studies (these studies are linked below),