Tongue Cleaner – “I can see that you’re very healthy because your breath doesn’t stink”

I’ve used tongue cleaner for over 3 years now and finally thought to make an article about it and share it to others so that others too could benefit from it.

I often hear comments from women that “I can see that you’re very healthy because your breath doesn’t stink and I’ve always experienced that with other men” (actual quote from one woman). In my mind I always credit this to tongue cleaner. It has made me wonder – why most people don’t use it or do they even know about this wonderful device?

And yes – health is very sexy. Your breath is a big indicator of your health and when it comes to dating, nobody would date a person whose breath stinks. Getting your stinky breath fixed is one of the biggest sexual marketplace boosters for a person who doesn’t have that straight.

And yes it does really disgust people, always when someone comes to strike a chat with stinky breath my first instinct is to eject from him/her as fast as possible. Bad breath is universally one of the biggest deal breakers in any human interaction.

There’s really easy solution to that. You don’t need to have anxiety of having a chat in elevator or any other social situations.

Tongue Cleaner in a nutshell

– Removes bad breath causing junk from your tongue which is the biggest cause of stinky foul breath.
– Added bonus: With clean tongue all food will taste better.

There’s not much else to say about it. Just get it.

Tongue Cleaner that I use

tongue cleaner
Tongue cleaner
Ordered it over 3 years ago from iHerb and when comparing online prices it’s still the cheapest at iHerb – only 6 bucks.

When I bought this tongue cleaner, it didn’t have that bonus it comes with now.

Nowadays all Dr. Tung’s tongue cleaners comes with a travel pouch (at least when ordering from – also iHerb gives $5 discount for all new customers placing their first order so it’s basically free if you haven’t ordered from iHerb before).

I’ll actually order a new one right now just because of that new travel pouch and keep tongue cleaner going always with me in my travel luggage.

I don’t think there’s any better tongue cleaners or scrapers out there, in my years of use in my opinion this product is a masterpiece when it comes to cleaning your tongue. I wouldn’t change mine to any other product.

It will add an air of confidence to your vibe and actions. When your breath will not disgust the people you talk to, you can finally speak without anxiety.


Of course there are many reasons for stinky breath and you should always consult a dentist if you have rotted tooth in your mouth. But for most people, strictly jammed junk in your tongue is the biggest cause of stinky foul breath and it will be fixed with regular use of tongue cleaner.

It’s safe to say that Dr. Tung’s tongue cleaner is a lifetime product. I bought mine over 3 years ago and it hasn’t changed in any way from the day that I got it. If you don’t lose it then its good for lifetime.

Combine tongue cleaner use with oil pulling practises and you’ll never have to have to deal with stinky breath.

Can’t put it in words how big of a difference it makes in my day-to-day confidence & vibe I put out. If I know that I have a stinky breath, I hope that nobody talks to me. But if I dont have that problem then I’m so confident that I often strike a conversation myself and make connections everywhere I go. I wouldn’t ever go back to the time without tongue cleaner.

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