Long Lasting Erection Guide – “I am worried that my erection wont last”

One of the biggest worries in a man’s mind is a weak sloppy erection that won’t last, especially when they’re with a woman they like a lot. It’s not a surprise that questions about erections keep coming in.

I totally understand men’s anxiety about erection issues. It’s truly horrible feeling when you are with a woman who you like and want to have (a lot of) sex but your erection just doesn’t stay up. You feel like a weak worm, not a man. And what about if you cum early in the night and woman just wants more but you can’t get it up anymore? It might bring a lot of frustration to both parties.

When this happens to a man in his thirties, it should be alarming.

long lasting erection guide
Unhappy woman and even unhappier man

Like it or not, the strength of your erection is one the things that women examine in a man. According to evolutionary scientists, women have developed evolutionary ability to see if the male is a healthy and potential mate from penis and erection.

In other words, if women see that your erection is weak, she might unconsciously think that you are not a good potential mate. This, of course, might create “performance pressure” to some men, which itself might cause erection issues.

This video sums it up pretty clearly:

And yes, of course, women have more abilities to pick a healthy mate, erection is only just one of them.

As a man, the main reason why you should be concerned about your weak erection is your health. According to many studies, we know that erection problems are linked to the cardiovascular disease and many other health issues.1–6

If you can’t get an erection, you should check up with your doctor and dentist first.

I have already run many experiments in the particular male’s health subject and written about them. For example: how to lower prolactin which helps men to get back to action faster after orgasm. Also the general testosterone guide is pretty popular among readers. Also sex drive and testosterone supplement list keeps updating. Lately, how to lower sex hormone binding globulin guide was published.

In this article, I introduce different ways and strategies to enhance erection, based on my experience. This information is meant to be educational, not medical advice.

erection guide for men
Erection guide for men – Make your woman happy again

Erection guide for men

Firstly, there is no one thing that will make it or break it. You have to become experimenter and try different things out and see what will work for you. Here are some of the experiments I have tested to improve my erection.

I suggest you pick one strategy, try it out for 30 days and see how it will work for your sexual health and erection.

Best diet for a long lasting erection

What should you eat for stronger erection? If you look a research about healthiest diets, you might find the Mediterranean diet, DASH, Traditional Okinawa Diet, and even the New Nordic Diet. Also eating paleo and ketonic like diets have been on the rise lately.

Almost all of these research-based and trendy diets say pretty much the same: eat more plant-based foods. It should not be surprising that eating mainly plant-based foods is the best choice also for erection.

Eating plants boost your nitric oxide, which is one part of erection process.7 Eating plant-based foods is also linked to lower blood pressure. You might want keep your blood pressure on optimal levels, as hypertension is linked to erection problems.8 High blood pressure reduces blood flow around the body and might even lead to erection problems.

Eating plant based food is also good to lower inflammation, which might be major cause of erection dysfunction:9,10

“Primarily the intake of fruit and vegetables as well as of whole wheat is inversely associated with the risk of inflammation. In addition to observational studies there are also data from human intervention studies suggesting an anti-inflammatory potential of these plant foods.” – 11

So what to eat for strong erection?
Remember you don’t need to become a vegetarian or join any other diet cult to eat healthy. Most people will notice tremendous benefits by just adding more plant-based foods to their current diet.

For example: add one new green leafy vegetable to your diet per week, broccoli, kale, etc. Replace dessert with fruits and berries, for example, blueberries.

Of course, everyone should reduce eating processed meat, which is not the best thing to your health, according to a study. But you don’t need to stop eating meat altogether, there is a great amount of research proving this.12

You can ramp up your vegetable consumption easily by juicing (see juicing recipe for erection).

Actual pro erectile food & supplements

I strongly believe that the right foods and herbal supplements can make you go on and on, they provide the tools for your penis bringing in the nitric oxide to make your penis go hard again & again.

It’s not uncommon to hear from women: “I’ve never really done it this much in one evening”, telling how fucking sore she is but still wanting it more and more. It’s a great feeling when you’ve pounded her to destruction and she “complains” about her destroyed places but says she passionately still wants more even though she’s about to split apart from down there.

When she’s been ravished like never before, you can see the passion alive in her eyes and also you do feel great when she’s all giggly smiling feminine. There’s something about that obliterated pounded sore feeling women really love, and all men should do that to their women.

Pro erectile food & supplements I consume:
– Eggs (good fats for hormones)
– Berries (read)
– Garlic for NO-boosting and lowering blood pressure13–15
Beetroots (whole cooked or raw juiced)
– Watermelon for L-citrulline precursor of NO booster L-argine16,17
– Almonds, brazil nuts
100% cocoa in smoothies, coffee etc18,19
Soy lecithin to make cum volume go UP and to lower cortisol20
– Spicy foods, chilies, cayenne pepper etc21–24
– Nitrate rich vegetables for NO-boosting (spinach, beetroot, lettuce, carrots, parsley, cabbage, celery, collard greens)25,26

With supplements I’ve noticed greatest benefits from ashwagandha, maca root, cloves, zinc, B6, magnesium, royal jelly (test carefully, allergies are possible), vitamin K2 & vitamin D3 (increased testosterone in rat study)27. I also like to use some teas on those sex days, f.e. tulsi tea, horny goat weed tea and instant cordyceps mushroom.

Learn more about these supplements by reading natural testosterone booster list.

Exercise and erection

Will exercise affect erection quality? Exercise or weight lifting does not only provide positive health and anti-aging benefits. Exercise also boosts your nitric oxide levels leading to better erection and sex – this has been proven in many studies.28–32

Penis enhancement tools and protocols for long lasting erection

Are there any protocols and tools to enhance your erection quality? Luckily I have run many experiments with different strategies and tools.

Firstly, I started to experiment with Kegels exercises. I did them for years, without even knowing that they have a tremendous effect on erection quality and how long it stays hard – Until I stopped doing them.

It hit me hard or should I say softly: penis is like a muscle, without training it will weaken, even if you use it regularly.

I started instantly doing kegel exercises and as expected just in a couple of weeks I noticed a big change in erection quality. Fast improvements in erection quality got me interested on this subject and I started to make more research about the subject. Here are certain exercises, tools, and gadgets that I have found to enhance erection.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises will help you to strengthen the pubococcygeal muscle, which basically pumps blood to a penis. This will help you to gain a stronger erection and even control your ejaculation.

Here is good video about Gegel exercises:

Gegel exercises is actually studied to help men with erection dysfunction:

“After 3 months, the erectile function of men in the intervention group was significantly better than in the control group (P < 0.001). Control patients who were given the intervention also significantly improved 3 months later (P < 0.001). After 6 months, blind assessment showed that 40% of men had regained normal erectile function, 35.5% improved but 24.5% failed to improve.” – Study

You should be doing Kegels exercises every time you have spare time, for example when watching tv, sitting on a car etc.

Bathmate hydropump

bathmate pump for strong erections
Bathmate pump that I have owned for years.

Bathmate is advanced penis pump which uses water instead of air pressure, making it great for improving blood flow to a penis.

Bathmate is especially good when used before sex to get strong hefty blood flow to penis, indicating strong swell healthy penis. A short low-pressure warm water pump before sex can make your penis look way stronger and bigger in girth. Just make sure you don’t go overboard with it at least before an actual sexual encounter.

I have personally tested this many times… Recently had an experience that I met a woman who I hadn’t seen in over 6 months, I pumped with Bathmate for 10-15 minutes about 2 hours before the meetup and later when she grabbed my penis she commented “I didn’t remember you had this big”. Well, to be honest, maybe I actually didn’t. There definitely was some Bathmate cheating involved.

Using the Bathmate can actually be a real problem with previous women or girlfriends because they might wonder how in the hell your cock is suddenly instantly bigger. I’ve had that with multiple women, but they just put it to horniness, because your cock can actually be a bit bigger when you’re extremely aroused by the woman.

Nobody really has further asked that how my cock is bigger than before, they just like how it is bigger. I don’t actually believe they really think it’s gotten bigger suddenly, they just get that impression and chalk it up to no reason. So if you’d like to keep your pumping discreet, you should not worry about this (rather welcomed) side effect.

Is there scientifical evidence that pumping enhances erection?

The main reason why pumping enhances erection is improved oxygen saturation and enhanced blood flow in penile tissues. Which both increases chances of maintaining erectile function longer and reduces the chance of formation of cavernosal fibrosis.

There is a lot of scientifical evidence that pumping enhances your erection. However, most of the scientifical studies about penis pumps are made with patients suffering from ED, disease that affects penis or after some kind of penis surgery.

For example:

This study made with men suffering from erectile dysfunction pumping showed improvement in erection quality.

“Patients reporting spontaneous morning erections showed significant improvements in total erection-time, erection-phase and plateau-phase duration, effective rigidity and tumescence increas”33

This study showed that even little bit of pumping increases penis oxygen saturation, which is an important factor in penis health.

“This is the first study demonstrating that a single, brief application of the VED without a constriction ring results in significant improvement in penile oxygen saturation.”34

Pumping is also effective therapy to straighten penis in Peyronie’s disease.

“there was a clinically and statistically significant improvement in penile length, angle of curvature and pain after 12 weeks of using the vacuum pump.”35

In conclusion: Penis pumps are safe and there is less risk of side effects or complications than with any other ED treatments. Also, they are less expensive than any other treatments like injections and surgery.

While its true that doctors usually recommend pumping only for those with erection dysfunction or some other issues in that department. I don’t see any reason why healthy people could not use penis pumps to enhance their erection. I have done it for years without any problems. You just have to do it safely.

Pumping safely with a bathmate

There are two things that everyone must remember while pumping their penis whether you use bathmate or regular pumps.

1) Start slowly & warm up slowly: Don’t use high pressure when you are starting to pump. Relax your penis first with a warm water using bathmate or hot wet towel. This will lower the odds of injury and damage.

2) Purple color: If you see purple color anywhere in your penis stop immediately. The purple color is a very bad thing, it means you are doing damage to your penis. Purple color means that your penis is being starved of oxygen, which is the complete opposite result you want.

Pumping your penis to a purple color repeatedly might cause permanent nerve damage in penis tissue and make your penis numb. Remember you want to increases your penis oxygen saturation, not to cut it off.

There are people who do not take this seriously and continues to pump their penises to purple for months, which might cause permanently numb less penis. Long term repeated nerve damage can be a really hard thing to fix.

This is important with bathmate, while the water and warmth might reduce chances of damage, they also might lesser the pain which could tell you that its time to stop. While pumping with bathmate, its good to check your penis once in a while and not just do 15 minutes full pressure pumps.

Does Bathmate pump enlarge it?
Yes, without a doubt Bathmate will enlarge your penis if you use it regularly for a long time (months). Of course, the gain depends on your starting point.

First of all its very fun to pump your penis into a chubbier, bigger version of it – even if it’s temporary. Personally, if I pump too long time (15+ minutes) then I cannot fit my regular condoms anymore (it’s pain to get them on with 15min+ pumped cock), so I have to keep wary of the time whenever I’m going to have sex with condoms.

But with a trustable partner (& no condoms) its very fun to pump it overtime to HUGE bulky chubby penis and see her face when she fills and stretches up from your pumped cock, and the very same girl can start to feel super tight if you start to have sex with pumped penis and before you always used to have her non-pumped.

It’s truly an amazing feeling and I’d never go back to the time I had sex without pumping my cock prior to that. It’s like a lifetime of wasted time having sex with “unenhanced penis”. I can assure, that I and partner enjoy sex way more with enhanced pumped penis.

And on top of that penis pumps actually improve your manhood, used properly it really (for real) improves the health of your penis. You’ll start to have more erections this way and that’s what keeps it more healthy. And if you’re consistent with it, it actually can bring you permanent gains on your cock size. Thousands of people have. With a proper use, there’s really no downsides to it.

Of course, like with everything in life, there is learning curve with bathmate too. It takes couple of tries to even learn to use it properly. So don’t expect instant permanent result with the Bathmate.

With Bathmate you really need to be in the shower room when you use it. So I also own a basic normal air pump which is good to have when you want to pump while watching TV or even while reading a book in your bed late in the night.

I personally gained about 2 cm in length and 1 cm on girth when I used bathmate semi-regularly three months straight (3-4 times a week).

Where to get Bathmate?
Nowadays there are a lot of water penis pumps available which are similar to the bathmate pump. Most of them are just cheap copies, but some of them might work well. However, I can’t recommend them because I have not tested them personally.

I have only used the real bathmate from the original manufacturer and got great results from it. Many of my friends also use original bathmate and have had good experiences with it. So I can recommend original bathmate with a good conscience.

I am personally using hydromax x30 pump and it’s still working fine after 2 years of purchase, though lately, it has started to get little tight for my increased size.

When you get your pump from the official manufacturer you know that you get the real bathmate and not some cheap counterfeit product. The official manufacturer also ships bathmate pumps internationally and have strategically placed warehouses around the world for faster shipping. When you order from original manufacture’s website, you also get a one year warranty and 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee if you don’t get benefits from using original bathmate.

I can assure, that if you get the real bathmate and learn to use it properly, you and your partner will enjoy sex way more.

You’ll start to have more veined erections and if you’re consistent with it, you can get permanent gains on your cock size. Thousands of people have enlarged their penis size and improved erections with a proper safe and regular use of original bathmate.

Remember: If you’re a beginner, start slowly. Don’t break your penis with long high-pressure pumping. Learn to use it properly and safely and don’t expect that single pumping gives you permanent results.

If you’ve benefited from this site’s information, you can give back by using my link to original bathmate store, which will result in that I get a small commission (no extra cost to you). Thank you for that.

Cock rings

Penis erection rings are not a solution, just a tool that you can use once in a while. Tight cock ring on the base of your cock can make it harder, veinier, it can actually feel and look bigger too if the ring is tight enough.

You can wrap one via your balls, one to a base of your penis, and even one between the balls plus the base of your penis for greatest effect. For this, you should opt for a set of little bigger cock rings. I like this set and have one myself, these also glow in the dark if you want to see where the base of your cock is when you play in the complete darkness.

You should never keep cock rings for longer than 30 minutes a day. These are just a temporary aid that can make your cock harder, more chubby and veinier than ever before. For some of you, it might even keep your cocks erection even after you cum, meaning that you can just keep pounding and having sex especially if you have sex without a condom with a partner you trust. For some people, cock rings help with premature ejaculation, but you shouldn’t really get cock rings solely for that problem per se.

This is one of the bests I’ve used, its non toxic silicone, thick and non sticky, strong and doesn’t break easily. Enough tight and stretches well for bigger cocks too. Available also in 3 pack for different sizes.

Definitely a tool worth having in every man’s “sexual tool box”.

Fleshlight stamina training unit

Fleshlight is good for men that want to increase their stamina with women. It’s hard to train for stamina with your hand, as masturbation with your hand is a way different stimulation to the penis than having sex with a real woman. Fleshlight is also the best for fixing some deeply rooted erection issues.

Fixing the porn ED with fleshflight
After the discovery of porn-induced erection problems (read testosterone basics) many people have asked me how to actually fix this problem.

Humans have certain conditioned behaviors, some of them are biologically deeply rooted from evolution and so on. Humans have also the ability to learn conditioned behavior. Now there is studies where men have conditioned to get aroused to a penny jar (1). Unfortunately, some men have conditioned their arousal to internet porn and to hand stimulus in their penis, leading to inability to have a strong erection with a real woman. If that’s you, don’t worry, you can recondition your penis again.

Please note that you can get this even without watching internet porn. There is a rare condition called “death grip” which happens when you get too used to your hand masturbation stimulus. When you have this condition real pussy does not provide the same kinda stimulation as your hand and you lose your erection. Most common sign of death grip is losing erection while having sex.

Fleshlight is perfect to fix these issues. This stamina training unit is made to stimulate penis similar way that real vagina does. It’s made of “a real feel material” that it actually feels like a real vagina (except for warmth). Inside there are small nodules which are intended to stimulate penis.

You should recondition your penis with the fleshlight and imagination (don’t watch porn). This can take weeks and even months on hard-cases.

Fleshlight stamina training unit makes your erection harder by training your penis to get to similar stimulation as a real vagina, you also get to train your stamina at the same time.

You can get fleshlight from Amazon.

Long lasting erection guide conclusion

If you take just one bit from my experiences, first get the basics down (diet & supplements) and consider getting a decent penis pump like the Bathmate. It’s an amazing hack that many men are embarrassed to use. In 2017 there’s nothing to be ashamed of taking care of your penis health, and several doctors even recommend penis pumps to men who suffer from erection problems.

Penis enhancement it’s just self-development and should be viewed as it. You should be proud when you are making yourself better, not shamed. Are you ashamed of going to a gym to strengthen your muscles?

For most men, their penis is a very important thing and just like any other muscle, you can train it and keep it healthy. Every time your penis gets hard it’s a win because if it doesn’t get hard it atrophies. That’s why Bathmate or any penis pumps should be owned by every single man.

Really there’s nothing weird about “penis training” and many people are already doing it regularly. Actually, the only thing weirder would be TO NOT train your penis. Don’t be ashamed about strengthening your penis. Even most women are encouraging men to use these for better erection, size boost, and sex-life improvements.

I will update this erection guide for men after I stumble and experiment with new erection boosting gadgets and tactics.


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